Soba Noodle Making Machine

Our Strength

The TOWARI MACHINE will provide the highest satisfaction!

Even if SOBA noodles are made by the TOWARI MACHINE, it is as delicious as if made by hand

Providing a stable handmade SOBA noodle requires hard work and a lot of experience. In recent years, the shortage of experienced noodle makers has become a worldwide problem.
The TOWARI MACHINE is the only a way to solve such difficulties and to enable supply of healthy and delicious as fresh raw noodles. So please use it not only for SOBA noodles but also for a wide range of pasta and ramen noodles from the viewpoint of healthy gluten-free food making. You will also enjoy the lovely fresh aroma of SOBA noodles.

Easy Operation

No training required, Practice makes perfect!

All you need to prepare before making SOBA noodles on the TOWARI MACHINE is to knead the correct amount of water with your buckwheat flour, which is called "MIZU-MAWASHI" in Japanese.
In order for you to choose the size of noodles according to your dishes,
we have prepared 4 sizes of nozzle fitting with 2 rectangular hole sizes and 2 round hole sizes.
You can easily make a new menu just by changing the die nozzle!





Fresh Raw SOBA Noodle



Anyone can use the TOWARI MACHINE easily

With its compact design, anyone can quickly make 100 % SOBA noodle that requires expert skills, so you do not require to hire a SOBA chef .
It is very easy to prepare in advance because you just need to knead the certain amount of water with your buckwheat flour, and the rest will be done by the TOWARI MACHINE to make the perfect SOBA noodle as commercial basis . It can be disassembled immediately after use, using a simple clamp without the need for any special tools . Hygiene control and tidiness is very easy even during peak time ! * Sanitary compatible stainless steel SUS 316L is used.


Just throw it into the TOWARI MACHINE,
after Moistening Buckwheat flour.


Kneading, Stretching & Cutting

(for the TOWARI MACHINE process)
Anyone can make authentic 100% SOBA noodle.


Making SOBA

How to make SOBA noodle


Stone-grounding" is done by milling slowly over a long period of time, so it does not lose its original taste and aroma. It is moist and perfect for handmade SOBA making.

 Moistening & Kneading

Moistening and Kneading' is the most important process to determine the quality of SOBA noodle. Mix the water well and release the air by putting all your weight on it.

Stretching & Cutting

Stretching and Cutting" determines the appearance and feels SOBA going down well. The uniformed cut width makes the boiling condition uniform and makes it extremely delicious.